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A post after long. Assuming that the 750 pages of nonsense I’ve written for my exams won’t go in vain and I’ll clear all of them in style(which  of course would be on-the-border), I’m probably done with exam writing in my life. No more hall tickets, pen pouches, identity cards and question papers. Yayyyyy!!!

I read more Coelho in the past one week than I read Security Analysis and Financial Derivatives for exams. I’ve never been a big fan of Coelho. The Alchemist went way above my head and Eleven Minutes went errr…way below it. But after reading The Winner Stands Alone, I understood that with Coelho it’s never about believable plots or storylines. It’s more about the human psyche and its exploration. The Winner Stands Alone, I believe is the least complicated of his books. There’s not much of ‘the search for hidden meaning’ or counting sheep but still Coelho writes with a great deal of heart and sincerity that it made me wonder of I’d been unnecessarily prejudiced against him. The basic premise of TWSA is almost laughable. *SPOILERS* <Igor, a Russian business tycoon goes to Cannes during the time of the famous Film Festival to win back his wife who has left him for another man, a famous haute couturier. And he chooses to do that by ‘destroying whole worlds’ as he calls them, which in simpler terms means that he goes on a serial killing spree murdering people for no reason and sending text messages to his wife after each killing. There is no real justification for Igor’s action except possibly one – that he is a homicidal psychopath. But the book hardly projects him as one. He is suave, sophisticated, rich, intelligent and yet there’s this bloody murderous streak hidden deep within him. As with every other human being in this world. Some of us manage to keep the psycho within us buried deep inside and the not-so-unfortunate ones unleash themselves upon the world, like Igor. There are various other sub plots too, dealing with the lives of the filthy rich and the dirty famous, their success, their insecurities and the agony behind the botoxed faces and Armani suits.> Coelho peels layer after layer of masks from the faces of his characters until they are all left standing stark naked, blinded by the hidden truths of their own lives. Aha!! After all it is a Paulo Coelho book. There has to be a ‘hidden truth’ somewhere  🙂

Saw Life in a Metro yesterday. Wouldn’t say I was bowled away by it but it was a sensible film which could have had some better writing. The initial portions were really good with the way the characters seemed to be interlinked with each other being brought out beautifully along the narrative. But towards the end the film was utterly predictable and the last portions extremely bollywood-ish. The film simply doesn’t end as well as it started. But what blew me away was one man’s delightful performance. Irrfan Khan. The man is nothing short of an acting superlative and he’s going places now. He’s nuanced his role so finely that I couldn’t possibly put my finger on one thing and say, “There! That’s why this is such a great piece of acting.” It is a great piece of acting only because he doesn’t seem to be acting at any point of time. And the revelation of the movie is Shilpa Shetty whom I thought couldn’t act for nuts. She has given the next best performance after Irrfan as a mentally battered and suppressed housewife with a dominating chauvinistic husband. Konkana was good too but she usually is good and I’ve sort of got used to good acting from her. A superior ensemble cast, sensible storyline and fine performances balance the negative aspects of this film. A better watch!!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been having this desire to do something nice for my parents. Feel like taking mom out for shopping and buy her all that she wants, take her to lunch in fancy restaurants, take dad for a master health check up, spend some quality time with them watching movies, laugh, cry, fight, joke or just be in their presence. I wonder what I was doing all these 23 years when I was in the same house with them day after day, year after year. Probably I was busy reading Ayn Rand or listening to U2 and Linkin Park shut up inside my room. Or I was fighting with them to extend my curfew time or cribbing about how they still treat me like a kid. Or was on the phone or in front of the TV. Guilt and shame eat me up as I write this. It was not like I totally ignored them or didn’t care but I wasn’t too bothered either. I just took it for granted that my parents were there and they would always be. Only when they are away now do I realise how much time I had let go, not being with them when I had the chance. Well, all’s not lost. I hope to make up for the lost time. At least now before it’s too late. Waiting for those precious one or two days I get with them in a month now almost seems like a penace. How things change with life!!

‘Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.’ said some wise man. In my case, make it two. Miss you Amma, Appa…


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