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I finally finished my final year MBA project in five days flat. Of course it was a hurriedly written, greatly sloppy, poorly formatted piece of work but what can one do to uplift the field of Financial Management and Analysis in five days? I did my best (which is not The Best anyday 😛 ). And Luck/God was definitely on my side. I started the project work somewhere around the time other people were submitting theirs. Usually it is others who lose hope on me but this time I had no hopes myself. For God’s sake I didn’t even have a title to work on yet. Then there was this last second rushing around for data collection, correlation, analysis, concocting bar diagrams and flow charts… But one thing I was sure about. I was not going to buy some poor sod’s project shelling out thousands of bucks and pass it off as my own as everyone around me was doing left, right and centre. Finally a week after the last submission date (yes, I’m always this punctual, especially with matters related to getting educated), the project was ready to meet its guide for his review and approval. But another small hitch was I had no clue who my project guide was supposed to be. So there was this notice board hunt to find out the guide’s name and then his number and then I had to walk up to a dozen bald men and ask, “Am I talking to Professor John?” till I finally hit upon my target – the project guide himself. Now came the actual task of getting my work approved. The professor, his head having been progressively balded with the acquisition of each of his numerous degrees and doctorates, peered at my work like a vulture waiting to swoop up on a half dead carcass. And as expected, shook his head like a grandfather clock pendulum swaying from one side to another.

“In order to analyse the financial activities of any enterprise you have to understand the difference between financial administration and financial management first and foremost. The principle aspect of administration stands as…”

All Professors are just the SAME. They can’t control the urge to launch into a lecture at the drop of a hat. But I was in no mood to get enlightened about the difference between administration and management now. All I wanted to know was whether he’d give his precious signature on the third sheet of the bound project report or not.

“Sir, The last date for submission is tomorrow (This was a blatant lie. The last date had gone by a week ago).If you can go through the project and please sign it…”

Asking him to go through the project was another terrible mistake. Now he was reading the whole thing word by word and started suggesting changes in each sentence.

“Replace the word ‘industry’ with ‘enterprise’ from the first page to the last. The introduction needs to be more precise and focussed. In the company profile page, the third sentence can be modified as…”

Still talking he turned to look at my face and I gave him my most pathetic show-me-some-mercy look. Thankfully he understood.

“Ok I’ll sign the work but make sure you do the rework before submission.”

These words were the sweetest music I had heard in a long time. Now Professor John looked like an angel straight from heaven in bald headed disguise. I almost fell at his feet thanking him, ran straight away to get the final copy printed and bound and managed to submit it successfully two weeks after the last date for submission.

My copy of the bound report now sits proudly on my table proclaiming that it is the ‘bonafide work of’………. Yes, it is my BONAFIDE work. Not bought, not copied, and not borrowed. Mine. It may not be the best, the most professional or researched in detail. But each word was written in it was mine. Each analysis, each interpretation and each chart was made by me. And every time I look at it my heart feels pride and my mind goes “Phewwwwwwwwww!!!!”


 I can’t believe I’m travelling abroad in a week’s time. I mean till now, I’ve been a person who hasn’t seen outside the borders of Tamil Nadu and less than half a dozen places in all of India and suddenly I’m gonna be transported to 9 countries across Europe. I’m gonna see all those places which I’ve seen in movies and picture postcards. I’m thrilled, excited and intimidated all at the same time. And yeah, beware of a longgggg travelogue in a fortnight’s time. Till then, tchau!!!


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